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At Touch of Soul Massage and Wellness Studio, we have a committed team of skilled and experienced massage therapists who excel at a wide range of services. We assure you that you will have a quality time at our studio and we shall help you get the best experience which will be memorable for you. We are never happy from our work unless our customers are. This is why we love our work and provide you with all the below mentioned services with utmost dedication and devotion.

Zen Thai Shiatsu

It is a traditional Thai massage often regarded as the remediation technique of Osteopathy. As part of the services of Touch of soul, in Zen Thai Shiatsu, we help you in relishing your soul and refreshing it by removing all its obstructions. The therapists at our studio will help you in ensuring good health and vitality for you by massaging the internal pathways of your body. The blood, arteries and nerves can be regarded as the internal pathways which can be blocked by any trauma, imbalance or attack of pathogens. The low energy, pain and exhaustion you feel will definitely inhibit the sense of well- being.

If you are feeling such pressure or pain, waste no time and visit our studio. We shall address the specific needs of your body by offering you Zen Thai Shiatsu massage.It is very effective energetic and structural form of therapy and will ensure well being of your nervous, skeletal and digestive system.


There are some peculiar dried plant materials having special abilities. They are called moxa. Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy where the moxas are burned near to the surface of the skin in a special manner. The basic purpose of this technique is invigoration and warmth of the flow of Qi inside the body and to fight against the influences of pathogens. This therapy is quite useful for everyone and if done properly, can provide with unprecedented calming and relaxation.

The practitioner at our studio knows exactly how to perform this therapy and is quite experienced and skilled at Moxibustion. Come to our wellness studio and avail yourself of the perfect moxibustion therapy that can help you feel really good and healed. The therapy focuses on the specific parts of the body and relax you from within. By hiring our services, you will have one of the best massage experiences ever.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Touch of soul massage and wellness studio is known for offering high quality and professional massage services. We excel at the traditional healing therapies and Tibetan singing bowls is one of them. They have long been used for healing and medication purposes. They work basically by generating some peculiar frequency sounds that are meant to restore the vibratory sequence of human body. Thus, out-of-harmony parts of mind, body or soul are restored and the person will heal himself from the pain, depression, stress, trauma or any other kind of disease.
At our studio, you will find an expert for this healing process. We have been offering this service to various clients and have always succeeded in satisfying them from our services. You can check out our reviews too. Just step in our shop and avail yourself of our service. We assure you that you will always be longing for such refreshing experience again.


If you want to avail yourself of some professional and high- quality acupressure massage and wellness service, then Touch of Soul Massage and Wellness studio is the perfect and most suitable place for this purpose. The acupressure therapy is used to provide wellness and relaxation to fight off stress and disease. The practitioner will use his fingers, palms and elbows or a special massaging device for applying pressure to the specific acupoints of your body. The gentle pressure on special acupressure points will provide you smoothness and relaxation which will help you get the best results possible. The therapy will restore the balance and health in the energy channels of your body.

Chinese Cupping

Chinese cupping is a lesser-known Chinese heath and medication method which is used to promote the circulation of lymph and blood and release the stress off from the muscles and tissues. Cupping is a very common practice among the Chinese for healing and detoxification. Here, in Brisbane, the Touch of Soul massage and wellness studio will bring this exclusive therapy to you so that you can have an exclusively pleasant experience from this Oriental medicine as well.

In this technique, small glass cups or other suction device like bamboo jars are used. They are placed on the skin and the practitioner will apply stress in such a way that suction will be created in the cups. The practitioner will use gentle suction as well as heat inside the cups to cause superficial muscle layer to draw into the cup. This is really relaxing and provides a soothing sensation to the body. It is like getting rid of the unwanted substance from your body.

Ear Candling

An impressive and highly relaxing therapy of ear candling is used in order to relax your ears and remove the extra wax so that you can have cleaner and comfortable ears. Basically, a long candle is used in this process which is placed inside the ear. The outer part of the candle is lit and thus, a vacuum is created inside the ear canal. The whole ear is coated with beeswax and as soon as the beeswax is removed, the excess earwax gets removed from the ears. In some cases, there are also some impurities along with the ear wax that are removed, thus letting the ears get cleaner and relaxing.

We, at Touch of Soul Massage and Wellness Studio, excel at the ear candling techniques and know the proper way to do it. You can avail yourself of these services by coming to the studio and thus, get the extra earwax out of your ears.