Reflexology Massage Brisbane

Reflexology Massage across Brisbane

Reflexology and massage are totally different but are often combined together to provide maximum benefits for people seeking to relax and get rid of various ailments. Various areas of our body especially, feet, hands, face and ears correspond with vital organs in our body. Certain points in these areas are stimulated through specialized massaging techniques to provide relaxed and soothing experience and to increase general health and well being. Hence, reflexology massage Brisbane is both a therapy and a treatment. Infertility, stress, anxiety etc. are treated efficiently through reflexology therapy Brisbane.

Reflexology Therapy is Much More than a Foot Massage!

Reflexology foot massage Brisbane does not concentrate feet massage alone at Touch of Soul Massage and Wellness. It includes face, hands and ears to alleviate the aliments associated with these body parts. Reflexology is an art of healing and is based on the principle that all areas and organs of your body are connected to your feet. It is assumed that that there are more than seven thousand nerve endings in feet and by applying reflexology techniques combined with massage therapy can provide you relaxed and balanced state of your body at all times. When you undergo reflexology massage Brisbane, you attain a relaxed state by the removal of any blockage in the free flow of energy.

Benefits of Reflexology Massage

A Lot of health issues can be alleviated through reflexology foot massage Brisbane including head ache, muscle cramps, stress and anxiety, insomnia and various digestive problems. Foot reflexology also helps to reduce body aches, get rid of toxins from the body, improve relaxation and get rid of various psycho-social issues. When you achieve great relaxation through reflexology therapy Brisbane, you will find all your stress and worries vanish. Book an appointment today for this special massage therapy Brisbane at Touch of Soul Massage and Wellness so that we get an opportunity to treat in every way we can.