Deep Tissue Massage Brisbane

Experience Brisbane’s Best Deep Tissue Massage

At Touch of Soul Massage and Wellness, we provide excellent deep tissue massage services to realign your muscle and tissue layers. Our highly specialized and effective deep tissue massages relieve all types of aches and restores the agility and movement of all your limps and body.

Deep tissue massages Brisbane is different from all other forms of massages as it helps you to rectify specific problems in your body including chronic pain in any part of the body, reduced body movement, injuries suffered from sports activities, repetitive strain injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, postural problems etc. All these and more problems you experience can be rectified through deep tissue massage therapy Brisbane.

What is Deep Tissue Massage for?

Deep tissue massage is an excellent remedial treatment for wide array of bodily problems you experience occasionally in your life including stiff neck, shoulder pain, tightness and swelling in your lower back and it is also a great remedy for stress relief. Remedial massage Brisbane applies some of the strokes and techniques that are used in massages for relaxation, however, it is slower and the pressure applied is deeper and thus tension and stress in any areas of your body is relieved instantly.

How Does Deep Tissue Massage work?

In our everyday life, instances of injury and sever muscle tensions and spasms are inevitable and all these occurrences cause adhesion. Tendons, ligaments and tissues become very rigid and your movements will be limited and pain and inflammation will be present. Deep tissue massages therapy Brisbane removes inflammation from the injury site and your pain will be removed and movement will be restored. Therapists of deep tissue massage therapy applies right and deep pressure to the affected area to pacify your problem. Visit our day spa Brisbane to receive high quality deep tissue treatment from specially trained and experienced professionals.